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Eat prey, love

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Eat prey, love Empty Eat prey, love

Post  ISN Wed May 04, 2011 12:41 am

well, I've ordered the controversial book from the library

I did have a few misgivings while watching the movie....

it is quite a narcissistic representation of the author's quick-fix journey to achieve balance, spiritual enlightenment and self-discovery

one scene in particular shows how facile this rich girl's dilemmas are when she goes to a bookshop and buys every self-help book available.....

"can't buy me love" - you know the song

the movie is a self-help manual on celluloid (is celluloid used anymore scratch)

although I said controversial - I just mean it got mixed reviews.......

it's one of those 'go to Languedoc or Tuscany and build a vineyard/restore an old house in a village/start an olive tree farm in the countryside' kind of books.....

the driving over lemons scenario - where middle/upper class educated people find 'meaning' in down-sizing or starting fresh from scratch in some bucolic setting and make a tidy package writing about it.....hehehehe

what used to be called 'going native' or 'getting back to basics'

it can be very condescending to the 'real' Italians/French/peasants/folk/villagers that they depict (although guilty confession - this is exactly what "As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning" achieves too - a wonderful book)

when rich people realise that their lives have no meaning so they try to get back to 'nature' or their concept of the basic kind of lifestyle.....

you know - I want to live like common people - so wonderfully, acerbically and awfully expressed by Pulp........and the rather ironic hastily enriched 'alternative' singer........Jarvis Cocker (who had his own special Michael Jackson moment)

their renovated villas are often featured in glossy interior design

it's a kind of distressed jeans mindset.......which, frankly, I'm getting sick has a kind of insidious those people who buy into the hippie lifestyle (Byron Bay is a good example).......the whole decaff soy latte kit and kaboodle bullshit.........fake New Age crap - like Fairtrade coffee - buy expensive organic coffee to really make a difference to the subsistent lives of itinerent coffee bean growers in South America.....fuk off.....that's not the answer

it's complete bullshit......

there's two worlds.........the desperately poor, no fucking hope, shit in a bucket world of most of humanity

and the indulgent, pretentious, disgustingly rich (no entry) world of me and you..........I've been poor......most of my life......but I have options......I have an education of sorts......I have some kind of decent job in a rich country where I shop at Woolworths....hehehe (bit of a rant)

I'm kind of getting sick of these fake New Agers........and when I say 'kind of' - I mean I am totally sick of them.....

the whole Zen movement......with their Tibetan crap and the self-indulgent 'sign me up' buddhist/Indian ashram......bullshit

I say that now - and I'll stab anyone that disagrees with me with a satay stick.......heheheh......

hey, I bin to Goa, and I's fukkin fake

and Elizabeth Gilbert personifies this fake crap........but I might read the book......cos you know, that's how I feel tonight......I might feel differently still pisses me off though

here's what the feminist magazine Bitch had to say from Wikipedia

In early 2010, the feminist magazine Bitch published a critical review and social commentary called "Eat, Pray, Spend". Authors Joshunda Sanders and Diana Barnes-Brown wrote that "Eat, Pray, Love is not the first book of its kind, but it is a perfect example of the genre of priv-lit: literature or media whose expressed goal is one of spiritual, existential, or philosophical enlightenment contingent upon women’s hard work, commitment, and patience, but whose actual barriers to entry are primarily financial." The genre, they argued, positions women as inherently and deeply flawed, and offers "no real solutions for the astronomically high tariffs—both financial and social—that exclude all but the most fortunate among us from participating."
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