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First black woman to have her own TV show

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First black woman to have her own TV show Empty Re: First black woman to have her own TV show

Post  felix Mon Jun 06, 2011 10:28 am

A talented lady. Shame that the fear of reds under yer beds cut her telly career so short.

In the UK, where telly watching and owning was virtually non-existent before 1953, when the live broadcast of the present Queen's coronation instilled the telly bug in so many Brits, probably the first black woman to have her own UK TV series was Trinidad-born boogie pianist Winifred Atwell, in 1956.

She'd been a popular performer, with numerous hit records under her belt, from the early 50s, Then in 1956, on the recently-opened commercial ITV channel, she starred in "Bernard Delfont Presents The Winifred Atwell Show", which ran for ten episodes, from 21 April to 23 June 1956; the BBC picked up the series the following year (details from wikipedia).

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