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Double Tap anger burns earth

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Double Tap anger burns earth Empty Double Tap anger burns earth

Post  Guest Sun Oct 14, 2012 6:11 pm

Away went to St James' Park, sporting goods, also known as direct selling arena, a lot of people think that is not a easy to win the game, after all, the powerful figure here is too much, and last season, Manchester United, eat here 0:3 defeat, now the defensive line personnel is not the whole problem winger also appeared, the results will be the last season playing with toys? Sorry, all the officers and men of Manchester United rejected the embarrassment of losing streak.In addition to Hernandez also sitting on the bench, Rooney, Van Pacey, Welbeck, Kagawa Shinji, Ferguson this time sent the striker can play all gave up Valencia returned from injury, * authentic nfl jerseys *which made clear is attacking posture, but the lack of a winger breakthrough pass, Manchester United Road can play a decent attack with it? We can not help but once again pinched to sweat for Manchester United midfielder's problem has been no improvement, but also because this season, the defense really is riddled the other hand, look at Newcastle midfielder Cabaille, Diao Te salivating really let Manchester United, being in the next few seasons, they are two which is also come to Old Trafford it?

Particularly fast in order to avoid the situation like on a home defeat, this time Manchester United into the role of speed, the opening is a series of combination punches, did not gain a firm foothold in the fist of the opportunity to Newcastle United. Newcastle just feeling a little breathless, by Evans leaping Manchester United a header lead, Van Pacey again to demonstrate that only the left foot value. Should start behind counter, Newcastle United's lineup configuration is not weak, on the front line of the two major kill Star - Demba Ba, and Papi Si Cisse are in the field, there are good at breaking behind Ben Arfa and good long shots Cabaille, but for a time* nfl personalized jerseys * they can not enter into the offensive game mode, Manchester United can only continue to be passive led by the nose.Always being beaten themselves trapped in disadvantage, this sentence was not wrong, just "Van Niger" a combination of how could so easily and regain a disadvantage? This time on the Road Wayne Rooney sent teammate assists Evra palaver immediate concern, the first 300 games Manchester United game ball to the people to re-scored for Manchester United, when we have not from him time and time again the defense out of position impression to get out, Patrice Evra, but with a beautiful header from the center to us once again proved why they still preferred the sake of the Manchester United left metal gates, but also we again see the previous years the world's first left-back presence.

Two goals behind, finally aroused the fighting spirit of the Newcastle United ignite the flame of their comeback. In the Pardue tune, Newcastle has become to attack the English Premier League team, but has also become synonymous with bad line of defense, because there is a new generation of "dark and stormy Shuangsha deterrent and lethal, so Pardue and not really care about their own team at the defensive end, but your opponent is Manchester United, you have to face Ferguson, you can guarantee that Ferguson will let you play with ease step by step? Perhaps Pardew is not out of the last season at home to Manchester United's win over the still fantasy Manchester United defense again been a time of strong impact defeated. But now he was awake, not with a fall over the place and then fall once the person is not only a model to win the victory.

Take a look after the process of the game, Newcastle empty mastered a lot a lot of time on the ball also manufacturing several Manchester United in front of the leisure, but in the end it? Apart from that controversial ball, what else? Most of the time will be outstanding performance today Manchester United defense tightly suppressed over before the field is not difficult, but would like to enter the restricted area, and complete the kick decent shot is not so easy. Of course, too much of the ball will * cheap authentic nba jerseys *cause the burning anger of each other's players around you, challenge for the ball, but can not get the ball, the end result can only kicking foul. The Ferdinand, Shinji Kagawa, Van Pacey succession eat the yellow card, but the thing that makes us feel instability Van Pacey a yellow card.

I wrote three years ago (Yao's best that season), a Xinhua News Agency survey shows that only 15% of all NBA fans, for extremely close fans (diehard team focus on various NBA News will buy the products of their favorite players to watch a variety of the games), 35% of non-fans (loyal team, every important game, such as the All-Star Game, NBA Finals, will watch the broadcast of the super star of the game, infrequently browser NBA News), the remaining 50% are (Yao's game to see, not Yao Ming Yao Ming fans do not see). It is said that the investigation had caused the dissatisfaction of the NBA China, is still leading the NBA China Tim Chen, the Cabinet, Stern had to rely on his experience and relationships continue to explore the Chinese market both hope deep. Eventually, Tim Chen inaction retire, successor of the former Chairman of the WTA (Women's Tennis Association), Americans Shude Wei. Shude Wei in the industry as a caretaker cabinet, that his term of office, do not expect there will be more breakthrough.Last season due to the lockout, no preseason games in China, Yao Ming* cheap authentic nba jerseys *officially retired after the NBA season. Major national television stations a substantial reduction of the NBA's broadcast screenings - CCTV decline from the previous four games per week as a weekly two; headed to Beijing TV station declined from the previous three games a week for two; CSPN local network the platform stop buying the games in the NBA, not showing the game throughout the season. Although the two portals Sina and Tencent still broadcast a lot of games, but started by pushing televised, Stern is well aware of the significance of television, which made him feel after Yao Ming era a little windy taste.

Quite eye-catching performance of the season in the Double Tap, tonight I do not know who has ignited anger, his face is killing phase, because he has completely Jagged red spirit infected? Or is it because he was dissatisfied with Newcastle United, he's close to closing down? In our eyes, he is already an experienced old players a lot of test experience, But today is the first time I saw him angry, not the past agile moves and precision fatal blow , but it has a midfield interception the general Chanqiang and action, it appears that tonight is not see double tap again scored a goal, but we still believe that his next goal will not be too far off.When the opponent ongoing counterattack when their backcourt will be very tight, but the opponent's backcourt may not be not empty, because the number is limited, Newcastle, most people are put into an offensive and defensive forces automatically will reduce the threat of counterattack followed by Manchester United will continue to improve. It is seen that, Ferguson immediately arrange for Valencia playing, either in defense more solid, they can create more trouble to the opponent, it appears that third goal sooner or later, but we really did not expect to score Kelaiweili and kick beautiful world wave.This game has completely lost the suspense, one-third successful hand Manchester United all the soldiers triumphant return, once again began to catch up with Chelsea in the standings.


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Double Tap anger burns earth Empty Re: Double Tap anger burns earth

Post  felix Mon Oct 15, 2012 4:43 am

"tonight I do not know who has ignited anger, his face is killing phase, because he has completely Jagged red spirit infected"

The swine! I always said you shouldn't trust him with that Jagged red spirit No affraid
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