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Post  Guest Sun Mar 15, 2015 8:40 pm

yo faggots. david lynch is raising money for kid"s to meditate while children's arms are being cut off for black majick. the 1977 version of eraserhead has been modified to have deleted scenes and jack nance is called john nance now. since eraserhead is hitler. id tell you who it is but I want to eat it. like a ball of pheromone mutated gartenr snakes slithering forever and ever right. curt cobain did live under a bridge. tetsuo was in his stomach. when he started gettinginto the birth of humans especially angels in the womb. he blew his head out like 1988 whenbrundel fly wanted to be better than eraserhead and his jew mom in heaven. George lucas did make the movie thx 1138. we chose tom cruise and l, ron hubbard. you queers chose aliester Crowley. de sade. and jack parsons. the one arm one leg dude from the dark side of the moon. pink Floyd said is the band your in starts to play a different tune. I found over two hundred sodomite bands in my free time. go wack off to davidlynch who is more afraid to be gay than me. in fact I tried gay sex almost took the boyfriend from the gay dude who had acruch on my across the street, your comments fail like your inability to procure sexually attractive females. I am not hooked on a certain female like you are in comments. in fatci turn down females because usually I see them in the eyes of the females I am fucking. my gayness has nothing to do with bands like perfume genius and ariel pink. so please tell david lynch your gay yellow lorde. he doesn't get reincarnated. have agood day stocking the shelves at wahlmart. I watch that black dude david ahrt who does puppetry on adult swim. Prometheus was African in heaven to help the skin of the first humans and angels. satan is a Christian term. the movie Prometheus will help you better than the Christian bible. I believe jesus was Abraham Lincoln and a giger alien. they go up my ass then when it doesn't work im like them. but then they keep trying until your butt is bleeding and dead. their leader is in eruope again. hitler aka eraserhead aka Godzilla. but if you saw it in real life you would know the alien god in heaven. was the sickest Christian god there ever was. took millions of years to finally kill it. just say I am stupid like tom cruise. his master saved a woman from jack whiteside parsons. butt boy. Godzilla is supposed to be hitler just watch last movie. what a queer. even 88 is on side of the Japanese ship. you guys really make me laugh. guess you never watched legend either. or Stanley Kubrick the shining forward and backwards. you homos should be outlawed from watching youtube.


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