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Definition of the Blues

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Definition of the Blues Empty Re: Definition of the Blues

Post  Guest Mon Aug 15, 2011 9:23 am

pinhedz wrote:But I remember that to define the trunk, we had to identify the roots first.
The blues ain't nothin' but a tree...


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Definition of the Blues Empty Re: Definition of the Blues

Post  Andy Mon Aug 15, 2011 10:31 am

The approach suggested is Platonic - well, classical if you wish -: all the particular instantiations of a thing given, go out to find the general Idea that is somehow present in all these particulars.

A fruitfull alternative might be found in Wittgenstein II, namely his theory of family relation.
People who are all members of the same family often share physical ressemblances to the point where outsiders can easily identify them as being family. And yet not single family has a single basic person that we use as a standard when we make such judgements.
Or take the example of games: there are so many different games and aspects about games that it is rather hard to define even a single non-trivial characteristic that is common to all of them. And yet we all seem to be able to use the term efficiently.

It seems reasonable to me the relations between musical sub-genres is of such a nature rather than a sort of Platonic participation-scheme.

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