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Miley Cyrus responds to Sinead O’Connor’s letter

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Miley Cyrus responds to Sinead O’Connor’s letter Empty Re: Miley Cyrus responds to Sinead O’Connor’s letter

Post  glue moon Sat Oct 26, 2013 8:05 am

edit: I tire myself when I talk about stuff like this

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Miley Cyrus responds to Sinead O’Connor’s letter Reggaeton_fail

"dance reggaeton" they said
Miley Cyrus responds to Sinead O’Connor’s letter 3555598_thumb
"you'll be fine" they said

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glue moon
glue moon

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Miley Cyrus responds to Sinead O’Connor’s letter Empty Re: Miley Cyrus responds to Sinead O’Connor’s letter

Post  retrato hablado Sat Mar 01, 2014 12:22 am

I know you've said about the record that it came out of the joy of creation and that you're not necessarily sure about what some of these things mean

Well in a way I know what they mean, it's the same as cinema. You have to know some amount of what it means but the thing about music is very abstract and so because it's abstract the meaning is different for different people and it doesn't help to say what it is for you, it's up for everybody to, you know, to figure things

... the clown of crazy clown time is related to the rubber suit of fear and anxiety?

the suffocating rubber clown suit of negativity

of negativity

yeah it's strange because clowns were meant to really make kids happy and there's, you know, a feeling to a lot of clowns, circus clowns, that actually produces fear in the kids or some kind of anxiety ... A clown suit of negativity, this is the stress, anxiety and worries, depression, fear, hate, this kinda stuff and this is a heavy heavy frame, it's like being in a suffocating rubber clown suit. You can see how in a way partying has some little thing to do with release some stress

a lot of times parties in your world tend to go overboard, there's a point when maybe they're about relieving stress but then they become really destructive

they're not about relieving stress. Nobody says "let's have a party so we can relieve some stress". Let's have a party so we can have some fun. And fun is like everything, a relative thing: what's fun for one may not be fun for another. But in the crazy clown time, for this bunch is what they call fun

the video depicts fun like a little obsessive because everyone is doing their one thing

yes, it's activity, intense activity, driven by the music and driven by the beer(?)

... look at humans just kind of silly for inventing these little activities to entertain themselves or is it cool, is it part of?

everything is okay (continues: you know if you think the human being... people say how come I'm here, some people think that, ask that question ... how come, how come I'm in a fifth grade, it's a kind of another question so you can one day graduate and get out of school. And another word for graduate is gain enlightment)

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