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Tiebreak battle, 76, why not run?

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Tiebreak battle, 76, why not run? Empty Tiebreak battle, 76, why not run?

Post  Guest Tue Oct 16, 2012 1:43 am

Londo finally popped the end of the 76 people, "Pierce possessed" attitude Celtics tiebreak tournament eye. But the success or failure of any race, are the first big strategy, and then the individual play and details. The race strategy in on this errenzhuan beat'em eyes, why 76 people did not like the sixth game of win full speed, consumed with a young legs senile Celtics, but in the game most of the time - especially start grinding trench warfare and the Green Army bitter? Full speed, constant shock impact is the key to tie it at 3 3 draws 76 people in the home. Start that war, 76 people in order to speed up, but also a series of mistakes, mistakenly attack a lot, but the the continuous shuttle run completely anaerobic exercise in a few minutes, let the veteran Celtics calf forward throats hair salty. * authentic nfl jerseys * " Physical exertion is too large Green Army to survive the first half, but the rapid collapse in the second half physical 76. Do nothing to change according to conventional thinking, the winning team, 76 people away in the tiebreak war attack Challenge, more damn years to survive, and continue to give full speed, running dead Celtic. The opening whistle rings, 76 completely on a war faster ball fast advancing Run ", but cautiously, slowly and surely. Knowing that this team lacks a superstar, it is difficult to break the Celtics defensive positions, the 76 active spin-down, the biggest questions about the strategy of this war.
In fact, I can understand the coach Collins why this war bridle the reins of the 76. First, hit the seventh game, win or go home, alive or dead, at this moment, the pressure of the current, all the teams will be most familiar with the strategy and style of play, come up with their own bottom pressure children's things. 76 is a young team, but the long-term flagship is the half-court offense and defense, win collective and execution. Only 10 turnovers in the regular season, 76 field mistakes least one of the 30 teams. * nfl personalized jerseys * The reason why the mistakes are so few, that is, because they do not run around, Hu is not playing. The sixth game of their sudden acceleration, ran spit the Green Army, it is also a risky move on their own, they were not familiar with the play. To the seventh game, no one would have dared to adventure, the 76ers still have to use their own best grasp of strategy.Second, home and away, also tremendous respectively. Fans cheer, noise monstrous home, the small group of children have spirits, bolted and ran, and continue to impact inside the referee's whistle will be relatively fit. Away, the environment is completely different, the key to win away from home, is to improve the success rate and reduce errors. 76 people this war continues to accelerate bolted, the Celtics have been preparing the case, such as a large number of errors and mistaken attack, it will be the Green Army to seize the opportunity to lay the advantage from the start. In this life and death battle, as the road start on the big score behind, it is extremely difficult to overtake.
For this reason, Collins decided to first slowly and surely, do not fight for their own mistakes, and when the time is. But he did not expect, in the half court, and the Celtics iconic defensive completely blocked off 76 Superstar firepower throughout the first half of the 76 people hit rate never exceeded 30%; never imagined that when the Celtics anti-attack, keep rebounding, do not tell myself moving steadily, but show strong aggressive efforts to promote quick score. Green military defense positions, playing fast break,* cheap authentic nba jerseys * the rhythm completely fall into their hands. Throughout the first half, 76 fast-break only 2 points, and the Celtics fast break and convergence segment score, scored 41 points, nearly half of the total. Opening to establish leading edge of the Green Army, not only laid the team's confidence, but also to the core Garnett have the opportunity to get the rest. Precisely because of the first half to break a sweat, Garnett rest 7 minutes, rest for three minutes in the third quarter, he can the fourth quarter adhere to the full 12 minutes!Standing on this point on, you can not say that Collins's strategy wrong, coach Jiuli rivers and lakes, he is the most secure way to face a decisive battle. But in the face of death, 76 less a surge of courage and gambling did not go to continue to impact the shorthanded, the limited physical Green Army, I am afraid that is also true.
The hit game, Pierce under penalty of six guilty, Rondo hit two long-range missiles, both accidental and incidental ingredients, 76 audience only 75 points, hit rate of 35%, is their biggest cost me. Many Chinese athletes summarize key game will often say "spell out" or "I did not spell it out to 76 people this war is a typical" I did not spell it out ". Dared not in a life and death battle to the death squads gesture glass slide, in the final analysis, emboldened enough lack of heritage.A Superstar the black eight of immediate concern sake, and indeed to the floor. * authentic nfl jerseys wholesale * Each class in each grade, each school will have a few to be a judge and "red head", "carry handle", "Big Brother"-style characters, then you are going to do this feared figure ? or do you want to be "protection money" they receive every day, frequently beating the "little brother" of the meal? only two road in front of you can walk or eat others or be eaten than people you choose Which one? doing a good study, day day up, Dear parents, beloved teacher, a good student, and indeed there are such people, but have to say this really unpopular, or that this person really is not enough to pull the wind, too less than the attention of girls. Then do the "big brother", at least, someone should look at my face to act, sorry, not a pair of stiff enough fist hard enough, you do not have this ability, even if there is, it may not do it.


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Tiebreak battle, 76, why not run? Empty Re: Tiebreak battle, 76, why not run?

Post  felix Tue Oct 16, 2012 1:55 am

"each school will have a few to be a judge and "red head", "carry handle", "Big Brother"-style characters, then you are going to do this feared figure "

- you'r SOOO right, fjnu. But what about the Aztecs? (Or was it the Incas??) Huh? Suspect
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