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Max Richter

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Post  Andy Sat Dec 24, 2011 10:35 am

Another man from the 'contemporary classic'-label.
I've read critics write about albums of his: 'Fuck rock 'n' roll, classic is the new kid in town' , or something to that effect.

On the nature of daylight

Apparently the score for a Leonardo Dicaprio - movie I've never seen.
Someone thought it was a good idea to do a remix of this with Dinah Washington singing.
I think that was a bad idea for both Dinah & Max. But this is amazingly beautiful - to my mind.

Infra 5

Originally written as a score to a ballet based on T.. Eliot's The waste land it follows a scheme similar to 'On the nature of daylight' but with more gusto. In many ways it reminds me of Nietzsche's amor fati, of the need to shed of both camel and lion and be child again, the ever-spinning wheel whose only nature it is to say 'yes'. I like this a lot, obviously.

Europe after the rain

A different sort of feeling - somewhat darker and grimmer. The rain may have stopped, but everybody's still wet and the grey sky still hangs heavy above us.

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