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What happened to the "Real Cajuns" thread

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What happened to the "Real Cajuns" thread Empty Re: What happened to the "Real Cajuns" thread

Post  felix Mon Sep 12, 2011 9:48 pm

^ Hmmm scratch

Edith sounds too much like a French school-marm type folkie to me. The pirogues on the bayous have no place in this. Ain't no gumbo and suchlike other Louisian-i-ay stuff there. This is a million miles from Lake Charles, bebe. Innit.

EDIT: but I see she IS a New Brunswick Acadian. So ... strictly speaking ... erm ... yes and no. study

EDIT 2: as for the first post, lovely stuff, including Mr Horton. Cleoma and Joe on this evidence set the pattern for cajun music up to the prsent day.

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