last fall

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last fall

Post  Guest on Sat Aug 27, 2011 2:31 pm

But the days of yan didn't see eye 矝 drives, seeing is ZhaoHongYun, yan the day looking at ZhaoHongYun eye some pity, say with smile: "this woman move can not!"
ZhaoHongYun like is more afraid of yan the day, grudgingly put down your hand, ask a way: "you won't change to eat the xing, right to this woman got interested in?"
Yan the day satisfied, laughter, all of a sudden I face completely a disdainful of expression, way: "how can? Just this woman is lee ran the disciple of ray, you know, I'm not and resist him!"
Suddenly we said: "the queen of the son, you can, and second, don't forget, this toxic like is limited by the time."
The swallow the day the essence in eyes exposed, say with smile: "thank queen empress remind, is really a awoken him!" Said into the bottom the seventh of word, shape mobile, , as PiaoPing pinyin party, xiao 矝 and ChangXiaoYu whatever is already are all point over.
Let PiaoPing but say with smile: "you not zhengde queen!"
Yan the days and queen like we were smiling, zhengde queen smiled, way: "the home and not the queen how we?"
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Re: last fall

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