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LiuQin tango concerti about cats

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LiuQin tango concerti about cats Empty Re: LiuQin tango concerti about cats

Post  usеro Mon Feb 25, 2013 8:30 am


(I would have thought that is tarantella- don't know which relation to tango if any, is tango from italians in Argentina?
but tarantella seems to be a dance- dance to what music?

Apparently good for the infected!
wiki: Justus Hecker (1795–1850), describes in his work Epidemics of the Middle Ages:

A convulsion infuriated the human frame [...]. Entire communities of people would join hands, dance, leap, scream, and shake for hours [...]. Music appeared to be the only means of combating the strange epidemic [...] lively, shrill tunes, played on trumpets and fifes, excited the dancers; soft, calm harmonies, graduated from fast to slow, high to low, prove efficacious for the cure.

The music used against spider bites featured drums and clarinets, was matched to the pace of the victim, and is only weakly connected to its later depiction in the tarantellas of Chopin, Liszt, Rossini, and Heller.)

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