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ridge behind no wolf

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 ridge behind no wolf Empty ridge behind no wolf

Post  Guest Tue Aug 23, 2011 6:24 pm

[b]Farming nation may already be in the tens of generation of a hundred generations of time, being fed food crops like vegetables, like timid sheep, and have lost the bloody Yanhuang nomadic ancestors, not only the hunting of non-deposit, but has become the object of hunting powers.
Wolves do not seem to start with signs of Chen Zhen's patience to the wolves almost lost patience. He asked the elderly, Da Buda also wolves around today? They are not to wait until dark before hands? Old low voice said: war into which impatient. The world only to the patient the opportunity to people and animals, nfl jerseys cheap only the patience of the expert in order aimed at the opportunity. Genghis Khan's cavalry on that point, a quick Daikin country millions of soldiers able to defeat? Beat dozens of countries? Alone is not into the vicious wolf, wolves have to rely on patience. More then a strong enemy has committed the time confused. Malaysia committed confused, coyotes also can take it killed. Wolf is not impatient, not hunters, not Genghis Khan. You always said the wolf to find out, figure out Genghis Khan, you first have patience and good tummy it.
Old little angry, not raise another array Chen, patiently honing their endurance. Chen array with a lens at a wolf, the wolf he has observed this many times, it is almost like a dead wolf as dead in there, nfl football jerseys half a day later, it even has maintained the same position. After a child, elderly moderate tone, said: waited a long lie in this, you figured out the wolf waiting for Han yet? Zhen Chen shook his head. Said the old man: the wolf is in support of snooze so Gazelle eating. Zhen Chen surprised, hurriedly: the wolf really so smart? It can also understand that to make it run any other Gazelle was to start?
The old man said: You are too unknown Han White Wolf, the wolf than human sperm. I test you, you see a large wolf can seize a large Gazelle by herself?
Chen array Lueyisisuo, replied: three wolf, two wolves chase, a wolf ambush, catch a Gazelle perhaps be able to seize. Like a wolf caught a Gazelle impossible by herself.
Old man shook his head: Do you believe, a powerful wolf, coach outlet store online by herself caught Gazelle, to a grab a standard. Zhen Chen and surprised, looking at the old man said: how to catch it? I can not really want to come out.
The old man said: wolf caught Huangyangchuan a trick. During the day, a wolf eyeing a Gazelle, to not touch it. One dark, Gazelle will find a place to leeward lying under the thick grass to sleep. Moment the wolf not catch it, Gazelle body to sleep, it's nose ears can not sleep, a little movement, jumped up and ran Gazelle, wolf to catch up. Night wolf is not hands-on, lying on the dead so far away, so a night, until the days of white, Gazelle hold a nocturnal, tangutica hold back inflation, and the wolf aimed at the opportunity to rush to go after. Gazelle run up and not spread the urine, run as far tangutica on Britain is broken, legs cramp, you could run. You see, Gazelle run even faster, but also run faster, those who wolf and the wolf, you know in that little while to grasp the Gazelle. Only the most refined of the Gazelle, to be willing to under Wu hot hot body, stand up and spread out in the middle of the night half Paoniao, which is not afraid of wolves chase. Lun amount of hunters often got up early to grab the wolf grabbed the Gazelle, cut open sheep stomach, which is full of urine. Zhen Chen smiles softly: God, I can not think of killing wolves have such Sunzhao. Real ability! However, Mongolia is more cunning hunter!
Oh old straight music: Mongolia is a wolf hunter apprentice, you can not cunning?
Most Gazelle finally looked up. Gazelle's "drum" become rich, than hold a nocturnal stomach become rich. youth nfl jerseys Some Huangyangchuan make it four legs splayed, has not straight. Old man looked carefully with a telescope, said: Gazelle eat no more, you look, the wolves will start with friends. Zhen Chen began to tense up. Wolves have begun to quietly tighten the encirclement of half-moon, yellow flock east, north and west sides of the wolf, while the south is a large ridge. Chen array has been speculation that there may be a part of the wolf ridge around to the back, once the offensive began, Gazelle was overtaken ridge wolves, wolves on the mountain after a head-hunting to wait at Plaza Gazelle, and the other three sides with the wolves together to surround and annihilate Huangyangchuan group. Herdsman said he had heard, a few wolves Weizhui a Gazelle when he used this approach. He asked: Abba, the wolf behind the hills around to how many, if not quantity, nfl jerseys china but also not much around Huangyangchuan.
Strange old man smile, said: ridge behind no wolf, wolf will not send a wolf go there.
Zhen Chen eyeful doubt Q: also how to play around? Old man laughed softly: In this season, this boundary, surrounded on three sides playing around playing around than playing more. Zhen Chen said: I still do not understand what the wolf is playing tricks?
The old man said: That ridge is followed by the amount of grassland Lun notoriously snow nest. This grass is diagonally opposite the windward face, white hair with the wind, which hold water surface slope of snow, all blown back to the ridge, over the hill became a snow basin, leeward nest snow, most edge of half-people deep, the deepest place inside a flagpole can not. Stay a while, three Wolves Huangyangchuan surpass the ridge, then down to a pressure Meng Jin, which is valid and battle?


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Post  Nah Ville Sky Chick Tue Aug 23, 2011 7:48 pm

Am I meant to click on NFL Jerseys by any chance? Suspect

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 ridge behind no wolf Empty Re: ridge behind no wolf

Post  Andy Tue Aug 23, 2011 10:26 pm

For a while there was this game that was played on another website which focussed on Bob Dylan in which lyrics of the guy who forced folk into bed with rock were translated via online applications into a variety of exotic languages and ultimately restored to the original English. Often this cause bewildering effects.

My money for the text above is on 'Tweeter and the Monkeyman'.

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 ridge behind no wolf Empty Re: ridge behind no wolf

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