Should classical music be precise, or is sloppy better?

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Should classical music be precise, or is sloppy better?

Post  pinhedz on Tue May 31, 2011 12:44 am

The story of the "Il Gattopardo" soundtrack is that Fellini instructed Nino Rota to compose a bunch of waltzes, foxtrots and mazurkas for a party scene. Nino Rota did so, and Fellini asked for a recording immediately to help him in framing the scene.

Rota figured he'd have plenty of time to record a high-quality performance, so he just hired a pick-up group to record a quick sight-reading of the dances. Fellini found the recording well suited to his purposes.

But later, when Rota had recorded a first-rate performance for the final soundtrack, Fellini heard it and said "That ain't right--it's supposed to sound like the other recording; it's party music--not a symphony concert." bounce

So they used the sloppy recording for the movie. Sounds good to me:

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