Russian speak translation

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Russian speak translation

Post  pinhedz on Fri Apr 22, 2011 1:35 pm

I thought I did this already--or was that on the other site? scratch

Mac Doobie

Hey was wondering if anyone could offer a translation for this song, specifically mr pinz.

lala, lala lala, mooka toya deli, boop doop doobie doop boobie doop...

Pretty catchy little tune there!

Shrivelled Joystick

I'm sure it's a protest song. About the longing for liberation probably.


It says: "Angina on MUSIC TV almost porno (the kids are jealous=))"

It sounds kind of fuzzed and muddy, but I'll give it a shot--it's something like this:

"Ya kumela
Ya khotela
I khudela
Ya mechtala
I Iskala
Ya i kazhda-la la-la la


Znala, ponimala
ya imela, i skazala
Ya siyala, byla mala
Bez tebya-i-ya-i-ya ya

Ya kikomu takoye delo
ya lyubila ya uspela
Prebezhala posiyala
a po-la la la
Ya tebya pochti ne znala
Tol'ko pere priletela
Ya bolela ya upala
Nikomu takoye delo

Ne umela

Ne khotela

I yearned,
I wasted,
I dreamed,
I searched,
and I every-la la-la la


I knew, I understood,
I had it, I said so,
I glowed, it was too little,
without you-woo oowoo-oo

I would not do such a thing with anyone
I loved, I succeeded
I ran, I glowed,
and po-la la-la la-la
I hardly even knew you
I had only just flown in
I fell ill, I fell down
I would not do such a thing with anyone

Couldn't do it ....

Didn't want it ..."

Then there's another verse and chorus just like that one.
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Re: Russian speak translation

Post  Yakima Canutt Yesterday at 7:49 pm

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