RIP Ollie

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RIP Ollie

Post  Yakima Canutt on Sat Oct 29, 2016 10:04 am

Our bass player at the time, Don Guess, could play that Bill Black style real well and I was a big Chet Atkins fan, so I had his style down pretty well, and as you know, Scotty Moore's style was a little like Chet's so I adapted very easily to Scotty's style. So we just turned into Elvis clones overnight, and we started drawing huge crowds, not just in Lubbock, but also in Amarillo, Dallas, and over in New Mexico.

So when Buddy got that deal to record some sides for Decca, I decided to try my hand at writing a rock and roll song, and that song was "Rock Around With Ollie Vee". Actually, Ollie Vee was a real person, she was a black lady that lived out on my dad's farm - she was married to Willie Robinson who was a farm hand that helped out my dad - and I used her name for the song.

Praetor: That song was recorded on the second Nashville session that Buddy did, but the track was not released as a single, although many feel it was the best song recorded in Nashville. Why not?

Well, Decca first released "Blue Days Black Nights" as a single, I think Ben Hall had written that one, and when that didn't do too well, I think they just shelved the rest of the stuff.

Of course, RAWOV has been recorded by Shakin' Stevens I think, and the Stray Cats, and of course, years later by the Crickets, and although it has never been a real big hit, it has been a real good money-earner for me.
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