How Americans can make a good living in Europe

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How Americans can make a good living in Europe

Post  Yakima Canutt on March 14th 2015, 5:24 pm

learn to say stuff like Sam Shepard says:

"I couldn't see beyond the motel room and the desert and highway," he says slowly, and turns his glass a little. "I couldn't see that there was another world. To me, the whole world was encompassed in that. I thought that was the only world that mattered.

"And it's still there," he adds, "but now it's redundant because everything's replaced by strip malls."  Idea  Idea  Idea

The situation, he believes, is irredeemable. "We're on our way out," he says of America. "Anybody that doesn't realise that is looking like it's Christmas or something. We're on our way out, as a culture. America doesn't make anything anymore! The Chinese make it! Detroit's a great example. All of those cities that used to be something. If you go to a truck stop in Sallisaw, Oklahoma, you'll probably see the face of America. How desperate we are. Really desperate. Just raw."  Idea  Idea  Idea

But why, I ask, is the world still so infatuated with American culture? "Oh, because they all believe the American fable," he says. "That you can make it here. But you don't make it."  Idea  Idea  Idea

You've made it pretty well, I say.

"Yeah but I've also… I've… yeah ... but you know, oddly, I wasn't even fucking trying."
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Re: How Americans can make a good living in Europe

Post  pinhedz on March 22nd 2015, 9:04 am

Does it have to be a truck stop? scratch

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