Inherited jazz records

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Inherited jazz records

Post  pinhedz on Wed Jan 01, 2014 6:28 pm

The old engineer is still alive and kicking--but he asked me to take these old records off his hands:

10-inch 78 rpm discs:

Count Basie -- Jivin' Joe Jackson (Basie-Kirchner-Sprankle) Columbia 36889
Count Basie -- Queer Street (Basie-Mundy) Columbia 36889  

Les Brown -- Lover's Leap (Higgins) Columbia 37061
Les Brown -- High on a Windy Trumpet (Higgins) 37061

Jimmy Dorsey -- Prayin' the Blues (J. Dorsey) Columbia 36063
Jimmy Dorsey -- Oodles of Noodles (J. Dorsey) Columbia 36063

Tommy Dorsey -- Then I'll be Happy (Brown-Clare-Friend) RCA Victor 20-1938-A
Tommy Dorsey -- The Song is You (Oscar Hammerstein II-Jerome Kern) RCA Victor 20-1938-B

Duke Ellington -- Stompy Jones (not attributed) Victor 20-1533-A
Duke Ellington -- Delta Serenade (not attributed) Victor 20-1533-B

Duke Ellington -- Main Stem (Duke Ellington) Victor 20-1556-A
Duke Ellington -- Johnny Come Lately (Billy Strayhorn) Victor 20-1556-B

Duke Ellington -- Kissing Bug (Strayhorn-Sherrill-Stewart) Victor 20-1670-A
Duke Ellington -- Mood to be Wooed (Johnny Hodges-Duke Ellington) Victor 20-1670-B

Ralph Flanagan -- Rub-a-Dub-Dub (Hank Thompson) RCA Victor 20-5361
Ralph Flanagan -- The Stop and Kiss Dance Ralph Flanagan) RCA Victor 20-5361

Benny Goodman -- Clarinade (Powell) Columbia 36823
Benny Goodman -- June is Bustin' Out All Over (Hammerstein-Rogers) Columbia 36823

Benny Goodman -- Swing Angel (Clayton Goodman) Columbia 36955
Benny Goodman -- It's the Talk of the Town (Symes-Neiburg-Livingston) Columbia 36955

Lionel Hampton -- Loose Wig (Lionel Hampton-Frank Davenport) Decca 18669-A
Lionel Hampton -- Overtime (Lionel Hampton-Milton Buckner) Decca 18669-B

Lionel Hampton -- Beulah's Boogie (Lionel Hampton) Decca 18719-A
Lionel Hampton -- Million Dollar Smile (Lionel Hampton-Porter Roberts) Decca 18719-B

Lionel Hampton -- Tempo's Boogie (Lionel Hampton) Decca 18910-A
Lionel Hampton -- The Lamplighter (Lionel Hampton-Milton Buckner) Decca 18910-B

Erskine Hawkins -- Prove it by the Things You Do (Allan Roberts-Doris Fisher) Victor 20-1723-A
Erskine Hawkins -- Drifting Along (Sammy Lowe) Victor 20-1723-B

Erskine Hawkins -- Let's Have Fun Tonight (Cliff Friend) Victor 20-1777-A
Erskine Hawkins -- Good Dip (Bobby Smith) Victor 20-1777-B

Erskine Hawkins -- I Guess I'll Have to Get Along Without You (Bob A. Davis) Victor 20-1794-A
Erskine Hawkins -- Holiday for Swing (Sam Lowe) Victor 20-1794-B  

Woody Herman -- Woodchopper's Ball (Joe Bishop-Woody Herman) Decca 2440-A
Woody Herman -- Big-Wig in the Wigwam (Kenneth Case-Byron Bradley) Decca 2440-B

Woody Herman -- Wild Root (Herman-Hefti) Columbia 36949
Woody Herman -- Atlanta G.A. (Skylar-Shaftel) Columbia 36949

Eddie Heywood -- Begin the Beguine (Cole Porter) Decca 23398-A
Eddie Heywood -- Lover Man (Davis-Sherman-Ramirez) 23398-B

Harry James -- Autumn Serenade (Gallop-De Rose) Columbia 36838
Harry James -- It's Been a Long, Long Time (Cahn-Styne) Columbia 36838

Harry James -- Easy (Conniff-James) Columbia 36996
Harry James -- Friar Rock (James) Columbia 36996

Stan Kenton -- Concerto to End All Concertos (Stan Kenton) Capital 382

Gene Krupa -- Tiger Rag (ODJB) Columbia 35454
Gene Krupa -- Sierra Sue (Carey) Columbia 35454

Jimmie Lunceford -- Back Door Stuff (Roger Segure) Decca 18594

Jimmie Lunceford -- I Dream A Lot About You (Trammie Young) Decca 18618-A
Jimmie Lunceford -- Jeep Rhythm (Horace Henderson) Decca 18618-B

Jose Melis -- Cumana (Allen-Spino-Hillman) Mercury 5070
Jose Melis -- Don't You Love Me Anymore (David-Hoffman-Livingston) Mercury 5070

Glenn Miller -- Little Brown Jug (arr. Billy Finegan) RCA Victor 20-1566-A
Glenn Miller -- Moonlight Serendade (Glenn Miller) RCA Victor 20-1566-B

Vaughn Monroe -- My Little Cousin (Schwartz-Prizant) Bluebird B-11488-A
Vaughn Monroe -- Commodore Clipper (Arnold Ross--Vaughn Monroe) Bluebird B-11488-B

Jan Savitt -- That's A Plenty (Lew Pollock) Decca 2540-A
Jan Savitt -- When Buddha Smiles (Arthur Freed-Nacio Brown-King Zany) 2540-B  

Artie Shaw -- Hop Skip and Jump (Artie Shaw-John Carleton) Victor 20-1800-A
Artie Shaw -- Mysterioso (Artie Shaw-John Carleton) Victor 20-1800-B

Bobbie Sherwood -- Swingin' at the Semloh (Bobbie Sherwood) Capitol 161
Bobbie Sherwood -- Arkansas (Evans Ram) Capitol 161

Fats Waller -- Tea for Two (Irving Caesar-Vincent Youmans) 27766-A
Fats Waller -- I Ain't Got Nobody (Roger Graham-Spencer Williams) RCA Victor 27766-B

Bert Williams -- Ten Little Bottles (Monaco) Columbia A2941
Bert Williams -- Unlucky Blues (Lewis and Robinson) A2941

33 1/3 12-inch LP disc:

"Here is the Fabulous Eddie Cano" Reprise R-6055 [promo copy]

Master discs: [The keeper of the collection worked as a recording engineer when he was a student]

Ed Bossing and Band -- Special [no further information]
Ed Bossing and Band -- Lem nocturne [no further information]

S. Tarentella [both sides--no further information]

Artistry in Boogie [side 1--no further information]
Unison Riff [side 2--no further information]
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Re: Inherited jazz records

Post  pinhedz on Thu Jan 02, 2014 7:41 am

Google says that "Artistry in Boogie" and "Unison Riff" are recordings by Stan Kenton.

Youtube confirms that this master disc is of the same recordings that were released by Capitol Records in 1948. Shocked

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Re: Inherited jazz records

Post  pinhedz on Thu Jan 02, 2014 8:56 am

Joe Buzzard talks about consulting with the man from the Presto record cutter company.

As it happens, my master disc with Stan Kenton's "Artistry in Boogie" and "Unison Riff" says PRESTO on the front. Cool
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Re: Inherited jazz records

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