Donna Summer - Not Really Gone

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Donna Summer - Not Really Gone

Post  Yakima Canutt on Sat May 26, 2012 8:42 pm

nothing is ever created or destroyed.

But Dionne Warwick she is yet among the living. During the 1990s, Warwick hosted infomercials for the Psychic Friends Network, which featured psychic Linda Georgian. The 900 number psychic service was active from 1991 to 1998. According to press statements throughout the 1990s, the program was the most successful infomercial for several years and Warwick earned in excess of three million dollars per year as spokesperson for the network. In 1998, Inphomation, the corporation owning the network, filed for bankruptcy and Warwick ended her association with the organization. Warwick's longtime friend and tour manager Henry Carr acknowledged in a 2002 Biography Channel interview that "when Dionne was going through an airport and a child recognized her as 'that psychic lady on TV' Dionne was crushed and said she had worked too hard as an entertainer to become known as 'the psychic lady'."

1994 marked the end of Warwick's contract with Arista Records.

In 1993, Forrest Sawyer, host of the ABC News/Entertainment program "Day One", alleged financial improprieties by the Warwick Foundation, founded in 1989 to benefit AIDS patients, particularly Dionne Warwick's charity concert performances organized to benefit the organization. ABC alleged the Foundation was operating at a near 90 % administrative cost. ABC also alleged that Warwick flew first class and was accommodated at first class hotels for charity concerts and events in which she participated for the Foundation. Warwick, who had no executive, administrative or management role in the organization, challenged ABC to investigate the foundation further and alleged that the ABC report was racially motivated. An Internal Revenue Service investigation of the Warwick Foundation found no wrongdoing or criminal activity on the part of the Board of Directors or Warwick and its status as a non-profit charity was upheld. ABC maintained the report to be factually correct but the item has not been repeated since the original air date. The Foundation was later dissolved.

In March 2011, Warwick appeared on The Celebrity Apprentice 4. Dionne's charity was The Hunger Project. She was dismissed from her "apprenticeship" The Donald, Trump during the fourth task of the season.

Dionne Warwick married actor and drummer William Elliott (CBS's Bridget Loves Bernie-1972–73) in 1966; they divorced in May 1967. They reconciled and were remarried in Milan, Italy, in August 1967, according to Time. Warwick has stated in many interviews that "It was a case of can't do with, can't do without, so I married him again." On January 18, 1969, while living in East Orange, New Jersey, Warwick gave birth to her first son, David Elliott. In 1973, her second son Damon Elliott was born. On May 30, 1975, the couple separated and Warwick was granted a divorce in December 1975 in Los Angeles. The court denied Elliott's request for $2000 a month in support pending a community property trial and for $5000, when Elliott insisted he was making $500 a month in comparison to Warwick making $100,000 a month. Dionne stated in "Don't Make Me Over: Dionne Warwick", a 2002 Biography Channel interview, "I was the breadwinner. The male ego is a fragile thing. It's hard when the woman is the breadwinner. All my life, the only man, who ever took care of me financially was my father. I have always taken care of myself."

Warwick has been connected romantically with Philadelphia Eagles great Timmy Brown, French singer-songwriter Sacha Distel, actor Philip Michael Thomas (Miami Vice), Seagram heir and CEO Edgar Bronfman, Jr., and Las Vegas restaurateur and actor Gianni Russo (The Godfather).

Warwick made the Top 250 Delinquent Taxpayers List published in October 2007. California Revenue & Taxation Code Section 19195 directs the Franchise Tax Board to publish an annual list of the top 250 taxpayers with liened state income tax delinquencies greater than $100,000 in an effort to collect money from those taxpayers, some of whom have been delinquent since 1987. Dionne Warwick was listed with a tax delinquency of $2,665,305.83 in personal income tax and a tax lien was filed July 24, 1997. As of 2010, Warwick was still listed as a delinquent, although by then, she owed $2,185,901.08 in back taxes. Her publicist stated, that she was actively paying off the debt.

On May 8, 2010, she received an honorary Doctor of Arts from Lincoln College in Lincoln, Illinois.

In April 2010, in an interview on talk-show Programa do Jô, she said Brazil was the place where she intended to spend the rest of her life after she had retired. Talk about finding oneself a city to live in, aehh.

In 1993, her older son David, a former Los Angeles police officer, co-wrote with Terry Steele the Warwick – Whitney Houston duet "Love Will Find a Way", featured on her album, Friends Can Be Lovers.
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Re: Donna Summer - Not Really Gone

Post  pinhedz on Sun Apr 05, 2015 12:38 pm

I remember the time when after a vodka-soaked party in Moscow the charming hostess found that her reel-to-reel tape player had gone berserk somehow (it was a Soviet machine) and chewed up the tape that was in it.

I asked what was on that tape, and she said (a big tear forming in her eye) Donna Sommer. Sad
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